Muscatine County Fair Book - Farm Antiques

Farm Antiques


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We would like to offer you this opportunity to add to our popular display of old farm tools and equipment. These items give the “seasoned veterans” of the vocation a time to reminisce about the “good old days” and are a source of great interest to the younger fair goers. All smaller items are displayed in a building which is supervised during the day and locked at night.

Small Tools

Any small hand tools, toy displays, lawnmowers, sickles, scythes, wrenches, hammers, etc.

Gas Engines

Water pumps, feed grinders, generators, wood saws, any small engine. People love to stop and see them run. A loader will be available to help with unloading and loading.


gas, diesel or steam. Bring them for the fair parade and you can leave them to be displayed for the fair.

For more information contact:

  • Small tools – Steve Alt: 319-627-2210
  • Gas engines – Steve Alt: 319-627-2210
  • Tractors – Steve Alt: 319-627-2210

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