Muscatine County Fair Book - Division N-2 Small Pet Show

Division N-2 Small Pet Show


  • Stacie Hoag, Muscatine
  • Shonna Lampe, Atalissa

Show Time

Wed. July 17 at 9am (if it rains it will be held in the Midway Pavilion)


To be determined


  • No premium money.
  • Ribbons will be awarded to the top three placing in each class.
  • All participants will receive ribbons.
  • Awards to be presented by the Muscatine County Fair:
  • Trophy for Champion Small Pet.


  1.  All pets must meet State Livestock Health Requirements.
  2. This show is open to ALL YOUTHS 3-12 years of age from any county.
  3. All pets must be on a leash or in a box, bowl or cage.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for their pet and container.
  5. Pets may be entered in up to three classes.


  1. Smallest pet- no insects/spiders etc.
  2. Largest pet
  3. Fattest pet
  4. Shortest ears- Must have visible measurable ears.
  5. Longest ears
  6. Shortest tail- Must have visible measurable tail.
  7. Longest tail
  8. Smartest pet
  9. Ugliest Pet
  10. Best Pet Insect (including spiders)
  11. Hairless Pet
  12. Most loveable pet
  13. Most beautiful pet
  14. Most unusual pet
  15. Pet with most spots
  16. Best dressed pet

Presets Color