Muscatine County Fair Book - Division J-A – Bucket Brigade

Division J-A – Bucket Brigade

Check-In Time

Bring buckets to the Floral Hall Tuesday, July 16th 5pm- 6:30pm

Judging Time

Tuesday, July 16th at 7pm


  • Muscatine County Master Gardeners
  • Bill Koellner, West Liberty
  • Lynn Pruitt, Nichols


To be determined


1st- $5 2nd- $4 3rd- $3 4th- $2 5th- $1
Best of Show: $5.00



“Stars Over the Fair”


Red, White, and Blue

A variety of plants with the colors of red, white, and blue should be used to express the theme.  Fill a five-gallon bucket to be used as decorations around the Fairgrounds after the judging. Use plants. Hint:  fill the bottom of the bucket with pieces of broken Styrofoam, empty water bottles or pop cans upside down with potting soil on top. Be sure to have drainage holes in the bucket. Do not water your bucket shortly before bringing them to the fairgrounds. They will all be watered after the judging and every day of the fair. Buckets weighing over 30 pounds will not be judged but will be displayed at the fairgrounds. Buckets should probably be started a few weeks before the Fair. Buckets can be painted and decorated to show the theme. Accessories may be used in or on the bucket. Remember that the buckets will be displayed around the fairgrounds during the fair. Do not use valuable accessories. Put the age of the youth on the entry tag for Lists #4 and #5. There will be two youth categories that will be determined on the night of judging, depending on how many enter and the ages of the contestants. Every effort will be made to equalize the number of contestants in these two list numbers.


  1. Master Gardeners
  2. First Time Master Gardeners
  3. Any Adults
  4. Youth – Older
  5. Youth – Younger

Scale of Points

  • 25 – Foliage Color Showing
  • 25 – Condition of Plants
  • 25 – Interpretation of Title – Including Bucket
  • 25 – Suitability for Outdoor Display
  • 100 Total Points

Presets Color