Muscatine County Fair Book - Division A-3 Open Bucket Calf

Division A-3 Open Bucket Calf

Check-In Time

8:00 – 9:00 AM Friday July 19 in Bucket Calf Barn NO calves will be accepted after 10:00am. Superintendents need to be helping with 4-H/FFA interviews and preparing for the show. Thank you for your cooperation so this show can continue. All entries must comply with State Health Regulations. Please have your health papers with you, as they are required at check in. No entry fee is required.


Jerry & Robynn Anderson (Jerry- 319-330-2045, Robynn- 319-321-3880), Phil Gauger, Pam Meyers

Show Time

Friday July 19 at Approx. 3:30 PM (directly after 3:00pm 4-H & FFA Bucket Calf)


Dustin Belknap


Awards to be presented by the Muscatine County Fair:

  • Blue ribbons will be given to exhibitors who meet the requirements.
  • Cash contribution courtesy of Muscatine County Cattlemen.


1. The Open Bucket Calf Show is open to any exhibitor who has completed kindergarten through third grade before the county fair. This rule will be enforced for safety and fairness to all exhibitors.
2. Exhibitors may show their own calf they raised or a calf raised by a family member for the purpose of being shown in the 4-H/FFA Bucket Calf Show. Call a superintendent before the show for determination of approval if the calf was not raised by the exhibitor or a family member who is in the 4-H/FFA Bucket Calf Show. The exhibitor has to be used to the calf and have worked with the calf before the show.
3. Calves shown by exhibitors must be born between February 1 and May 10. Calves should not be selected on conformation or quality of breed. Judging for the Open Bucket Calf is on the exhibitor only. Calves must be halter broke and trained to lead before the county fair. Calves should not be too large for young exhibitors to manage on halter. Again, exhibitors must have completed kindergarten through third grade to exhibit in this show.
4. Calves are stalled on the fairgrounds in the bucket calf barn the day of the show. Early arrivals are welcome to come on Wednesday, July 17 from 8:00am-9:00am, if coming with a sibling that is bringing 4-H or FFA livestock. Open bucket calves will be stalled in the same barn as the 4-H and FFA bucket calves, but open bucket calves will have a labeled area in the barn, separate from the 4-H/FFA calves.
5. Open bucket calves, NOT 4-H/FFA calves, will be released after the show. Stalls should be kept clean!

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