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All general rules and car preparation rules apply.
Car prep rule #4- you must run stock rear end. No switching rear ends.
Car prep rule #9- YOU MUST HAVE A SAFE FUEL CELL. If you run a plastic gas tank, it must be protected so nothing can puncture it. If its not safe you will not run!!
Car prep rule # 11- no transmission coolers, unless it is how it was originally used.
You can run any American made car. No imperials or imperial sub frames, 4x4’s or ambulances, hearses, trucks, etc.
A 4 point cage is highly recommended. But there must be a bar ran behind the driver’s seat, from door post to door post. The cage can be welded to the car, but in no way can it strengthen the car.
You may weld the driver’s door closed - only on the outside and only the driver’s door. Do not do this to strengthen the car at all.
You may weld the rear end up to have a posi rear.
That is the only welding allowed.
You can wire the doors shut with wire up to #9, in two places per seam, with up to four strands.
You must wire the hood down. And you must use the factory hood hinges. You must have the hood wired down in four spots in the front. You can use as much wire as you want to hold the hood down. If the hood comes up during the derby, you will break your stick!
You must have wire in four spots holding your trunk shut. You must use factory trunk hinges also.
You may have wire ran from the hood/ trunk lid to the bumper in 4 additional spots. We prefer you do this so the bumpers do not fall off.
All body bolts must be stock.
No switching bumpers and no welding bumpers on.
You must have wire in the front window opening so the hood cannot come in.
You may run a shifter for the trans. You may run headers. You may run a electric fuel pump, but it must be safely mounted and you must run a shut off switch.

This class is designed to be a quick build, no money invested, class.
Keep the building simple, but cars must be safe. If the cars are not safe you will not run.
Rules must be followed. If it’s not in the rules, don’t do it without calling first. Call Matt with any questions. 563-506-0509.